Our current prospectus

At Upton St Leonards Church of England Primary School

Building foundations for a love of life and a love of learning 

We believe that: 

  • Every child is entitled to enjoy his/her childhood
  • Every child should be valued for his/her individual strengths
  • Every child should experience success 

Our vision is that children will leave our school with: 

  • An enquiring mind, a desire for knowledge and a love of learning
  • High self esteem and personal expectation, and a sense of achievement
  • An understanding and appreciation of Christian values
  • A respect for self and others
  • A developing spirituality
  • A foundation of key skills – linguistic, mathematical, scientific, creative, technical, physical, personal and social 

We aim to make our school a place where: 

  • We foster a love of learning, a love of life, a love of one another, a love of God
  • Learning and achievement are rich and creative experiences for every child
  • We provide a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum through which everyone is encouraged to achieve their potential
  • Everyone learns as part of our co-operative and supportive community
  • We value the contribution that parents make to their children’s learning
  • People of all faiths and cultures are welcome
  • Individual strengths are valued and diversity celebrated
  • All are treated equally and given equality of opportunity regardless of gender, special needs, disability, race, religion or background
  • Children feel safe and secure
  • Children make positive contributions to the school and the wider community
  • Everyone respects each other
  • Children develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, for each other, for the school, and for the local area and the world
  • Children can develop in mind, body and spirit
  • Christian values are modelled and taught, and understanding and respect for other faiths are established