There are many changes in the new curriculum for music. In Key Stage 1 we use Sing Up and Music Express to help children sing songs and speak chants and rhymes. There are lots of opportunities for the children to compose using the untuned percussion instruments and increasingly as they go through the school, tuned instruments. This year we hope to enhance the children’s appreciation of music by giving them opportunities to listen to and discuss a range of high-quality live and recorded music, including having special guests coming into school.

Music gives children a good chance to perform both individually and as part of a group. This will be done both with their voices and musical instruments, better enabling them to hone their skills through their accuracy, fluency, control and expression. As a school, we will be introducing the BBC ‘10 pieces’ initiative and use this in particular to bring the music from a diverse group of great composers to the children. In Key Stage 2 all children are expected to understand some form of musical notation by the time they leave and will also be taught about the history of a variety of forms of music.