Subject Intent


To increase pupils’ prospects by:

Enabling them to effectively think like a historian; studying significant historical people and events in the past.

Building foundations for a love of life, a love of learning and a love of one another

·       Pupils will become lifelong historians with a yearning to find out more.

·       To provide pupils with a wealth of knowledge about the significant events and people of the past that will equip pupils to become responsible, truthful citizens.

·       To critically think and consider how the past influences the future.

·       To develop a chronological framework about their knowledge of significant events and people.

·       To equip pupils with knowledge and a sense of curiosity about the history of Britain and how it has influenced and been influenced by the wider world.

·       To critically think about how diversity and differences in the History of Britain and the wider world had affected lives in the modern world today.

·       To use historical vocabulary and express views about the world around us.

·       To have a range and depth of historical knowledge that allows children to have a profound respect towards different individual needs, cultures, religions, traditions and orientations within the wider world and their own locality.

·       To understand and celebrate the rich history within the context of our local area.

·       To ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments and develop perspective and judgement.

·       To implement a curriculum that is progressive throughout the entire school.

·       To ensure that the history curriculum is planned and structured to ensure that current learning is linked to previous learning.

Key Documents

1.  History at USL

2.  Curriculum Progression History

3.  Upton St Leonards History Policy

4. History Action Plan 23-24

5. Scaffolding in History

6. SMSC in History

7. British Values in History at USL

8. Long Term Planning Documents

9. Knowledge Organisers 

School Vision

Building foundations for a love of life, a love of learning and a love of one another