Subject Intent

To increase pupils’ prospects by:

Enabling them to effectively think like a geographer and gain age appropriate knowledge, skills and understanding of Geography.

Building foundations for a love of life, a love of learning and a love of one another

·        To develop critical thinking about the world around them and equip them to make their own way in it.

·        To be confident to act as agents of change, taking responsibilities for a future world that will one day be in their hands.

·        To be excited and curious about the world around them.

·        To gain geographic knowledge about the location of places within our world.

·        To develop knowledge of human and physical features of the world and understand the processes that affect them.

·        To understand how geographical knowledge can contribute to caring for and preserving the environment.

·        To use their geographical knowledge to understand the importance of a sustainable future.

·        To develop an understanding of the weather and climate within our world.

·        To develop their geographical skills for reading and understanding a map.

·        To work practically through fieldwork studies.

·        To use locational language and express views about the world around us.


Key Documents

1. Geography at USL

2. Curriculum Progression Geography

3. Geography Policy

4. Geography Action Plan 23-24

5. Scaffolding in Geography

6. SMSC in Geography

7. British Values in Geography at USL

8. Long Term Planning Documents 

9. Knowledge Organisers 
Autumn Term 2 (Nov - Dec) GEOGRAPHY Spring Term 2 (Mar - Apr) GEOGRAPHY Summer Term 2 (June - July) GEOGRAPHY
Y6 Local Fieldwork KO (Geography) Y6 Population KO (Geography) Y6 Globalisation KO (Geography)
Y5 Slums KO (Geography) Y5 Biomes KO (Geography) Y5 Energy & Sustainability KO (Geography)

Y4 Rivers KO (Geography)

Y4 Migration KO (Geography) Y4 Europe KO (Geography)

Y3 Villages, Towns and Cities KO (Geography)

Y3 Mountains KO (Geography) Y3 Water, Weather and Climate KO (Geography)
Y2 The United Kingdom KO (Geography) Y2 Oceans and Seas KO (Geography)
Y1 The Local Area KO (Geography) Y1 Weather KO (Geography) Y1 Continents KO (Geography)

10. How can I support my child with Geography?

School Vision

Building foundations for a love of life, a love of learning and a love of one another