ECO Council

The Eco-Council provides an opportunity for our pupils to get more involved in the way our school is run and ways to help it become more environmentally friendly. The Council benefits the whole school, pupils and teachers, providing opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made about environmental issues and ways in which we can actively help protect our planet.

Our committee members represent the voice of each class from Y1 (Y1 in the summer term) up to Y6 and are selected using a democratic voting system. Being part of our Eco Council helps develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that they express both their own views and the views of all the other pupils they represent.

Our Eco-Council meet regularly to discuss how we can make the school more environmentally friendly. At the beginning of each year the Eco-Council carry out an environmental review and prepare an action plan for the whole school to engage in.
Throughout the year these targets form the basis of the Eco-Councils work.

For this academic year, our Eco Council action plan will be based on three areas:
Enhancing the biodiversity of our school grounds
Reducing the amount of energy we use in our school
Monitoring and reducing the amount of water waste in our school

As a school, we are also conscious there are many other activities/projects we can participate in to help our planet and are always willing to engage in additional ventures that will support environmental change.

Please meet members of our Eco Council for the Year 2023-2024:

Year 2:  Jessie, Olivia ,Jack and Isla

Year 3:  Luca, Olivia, Oliver and Isla

Year 4: Jeremi, Cian, Rosie 

Year 5: Oscar, Lara, Stanley and Maisie

Year 6: Jacob, Frankie, Lacey and Will

School Vision

Building foundations for a love of life, a love of learning and a love of one another