The National Curriculum and EYFS Framework 

Our curriculum at Upton is based on the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Profile which can be found using the links below. We are ambitious at Upton St Leonards C of E school and as such, in many subjects, we aim for children to learn knowledge and skills that go beyond the requirements of these frameworks.

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Statutory Curriculum Overview for Parents

Upton St Leonards Curriculum 

All of the decisions that we make as a school are driven by the vision to continue 'building foundations for a love of learning, a love of life and a love of one another' for our children. This includes our school curriculum design.  
This integral vision and a set of core values - love, perseverance, truthfulness and respect - are at the heart of all learning at our school.  
A love of learning 
We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the National Curriculum and EYFS Framework as a minimum, and strives to ensure that all of our pupils at least meet the national standards. Due to its ambitious content, implemetaton is scaffolded where needed, to meet the needs of all. 
Our curriculum design builds curiosity and engages children; encouraging perseverance to overcome challenge. It is spiral in design, providing a wealth of knowledge, skills and cultural capital. We aim for children to 'know more and remember more', ensuring this builds on prior learning. 
The Headteacher priorotises reading, staff foster a love of reading and all children being able to read to a good level, is prioritised. We aim to expand vocabulary and equip pupils to become responsible, truthful citizens and independent life-long learners.  
A love of life 
We have a passion and dedication to develop and nurture the whole child, to make sure they are happy, well-cared for individuals, with the resilience and aspiration to build on the firm foundations they have developed with us, through their future education and life. We want our children to be successful young people who will embrace life and thrive in modern Britain.  
A love of one another 
The 'Golden Thread' of our Curriculum is to broaden pupil’s awareness, understanding and respect of different individual needs, cultures, religions, traditions and orientations within the wider world, as well as the community of Gloucester in which we belong. We teach children to recognise one another as unique individuals; we celebrate, welcome and love these differences.  

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We pride ourselves in being an aspirational and reflective school; we continually strive to improve our teaching and learning in light of the latest research and as the result of ongoing monitoring, evaluation and review. Curriculum documents on our website are updated on an ongoing basis but might not always reflect the very latest changes to provision. Please contact Mr Lewis, Teaching and Learning Head of School, if you would like to discuss our most recent work in terms of curriculum development.

For futher details on how we make our curriculum accessible to all, and comply with the Equality Act 2010 and SEND Regulations 2014, please visit the Inclusion sections of our website.

For further information on our 'Upton St Leonards Curriculum', please see 'Our Curriculum at Upton' tab.

School Vision

Building foundations for a love of life, a love of learning and a love of one another