What does the service mean to our Parents/Carers 

These are just a few quotes from a recent Parent/Carer survey.

My Children love coming to Upton Lates, they never want to leave and would still want to come whether I had to work or not.

Always fun things to do, I really love going and have a great time with staff and other children

Love it, quite simple.  No issues at all.

My older daughter has been going since the beginning and has always loved it, she loves seeing her friends and the staff that run it. However it was when my youngest daughter started school and also started breakfast and afterschool club that it really hit home how much they love it -  

We have also asked the children what they feel about Upton Earlies Breakfast Club and Upton Lates and why they enjoy being part of it. Heres what they said:
Darcy "lots of choice of games and good themes for the breakfast"
Rosa  "there is good food and I can play"
Charlotte "because its fun and Mrs Lock is the best"
Paige "I like colouring and when we have special breakfasts"
Daylie "Its just great"
William "the games are cool and I like eating breakfast with my friends"
Luke "it's better than other clubs, bagels are lovely"
Thomas "its fun because you get to play with your friends"
Daniel "its a great plave to have fun with your friends before or after school"
Molly "its really good fun, I lie to play with the parachute"
Grace "I like playing with the parachute"