Internet Safety

In February 2017 government ministers began work on a new Internet Safety Strategy aimed at making Britain the safest country in the world for children and young people to be online.
The government now wants to see online safety given more attention at schools, with social-media safety advice built into existing education programmes.
At Upton St Leonards we feel very strongly about eSafety and are pleased to see that the Government have now released their green paper. 
The eSafety information evening we hosted for parents and carers on the 16th November 2017 was very successful indeed. The evening provided parents and carers with key information and advice delivered by an expert Safeguarding Consultant. The focus was on preventing children and young people from harm online and making the internet a safer place. 
A spokesperson for the NSPCC said keeping young people safe online was "the biggest child protection issue of our time."
 We will continue to add relevant content to this page to help our families keep their children safe.