Anti-Bullying Guide

At Upton St Leonards, we continue to have a firm commitment to the Every Child Matters Framework, and we believe that every child has the right “to be safe from bullying and discrimination.” 

In our school, we define bullying as any unkind, threatening or hurtful behaviour that is deliberate and persistent. With the children we use the expression ‘Several Times On Purpose’.

Pupil well-being has a high profile in our school.

The Role of Parents 

Parents who are concerned that their child might be being bullied, or who suspect that their child may be the perpetrator of bullying, should contact their child's class teacher immediately.

Parents have a responsibility to support the school's Anti-Bullying Policy, actively encouraging their child to be a positive member of the school. In this school, we actively discourage children from ‘fighting back’. We encourage parents to remember that they are role models for their children. 

The Role of Pupils 

Pupils are encouraged to tell anybody they trust if they are being bullied, and if the bullying continues, they must keep on letting people know.

Pupils are also taught that, as members of our school community, they have responsibilities to each other, should make their own choices and should not ‘go along with the crowd’.