School Funding

1st March 2017

School Funding and the Funding Formula Consultation: March 2017 

You may have seen a number of stories in the press around school funding. There have been worrying headlines and we felt it important that we let you know, as far as we are able at this stage, how this will affect our school.  

School budgets across the country have been under pressure for some time. The senior management team at Upton St Leonards C of E Primary School has been grappling with the funding challenges. 

Our school is not alone. The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) has shown that more than half of school leaders felt that their budget would be untenable by 2018/19. The National Audit Office estimate a £3 billion real terms cut across all phases and in all schools. This doesn’t just affect us.  

The recent headlines have been caused by a proposed new funding formula for schools, designed to create a fairer allocation. However with increasing costs placed onto all schools the new formula will not bring the benefits that we had hoped to see.    

The formula is under consultation now and it is important that we all outline the lack of justice and fairness. We are letting the local authority and government know just how serious the funding crisis has become, our Governors will also be writing to Neil Carmichael, MP for our school.

I would urge you to join with us in highlighting our concerns and ask you as parents/carers to send a letter to your local MP about this proposed change, that this situation is not sustainable and that funding cuts will have a significant impact on our school.   We would be more than happy to collect the letters via the school office to avoid you having the hassle of posting them, we will send them on your behalf, (please hand in letters by Friday 17th March). 

You may wish to outline the following:

That by capping a maximum reduction of 3%, in which any school can lose, the overall baseline Funding for Schools across the country is not enough. Current data projections indicate that 5500 schools will be protected by this cap, which demonstrates this is clearly not a Fairer Funding Formula.

By capping the reduction of the highest funded schools, the formula has failed in its original intention of redistributing educational funding across the country. Your support is vital in making sure that the projected impact of the proposed formula is fully understood by the government. 

We will, as ever, continue to do everything in our power to maintain the highest of standards for the education of your children, please be assured that we will take the utmost care with budgets to ensure all the money we have is spent effectively on your children.